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WSU Scholarships and Resources Authorization Site (SARAS)

This site is to be used by authorized institutional staff to submit funding requests designated for enrolled students to be accounted for as an educational resource and to be processed to their student account. The goal of this single entry site is to ensure that all such funding requests are correctly accounted for by Student Financial Services and University Receivables. This system will allow for financial aid to account for all such necessary funding regardless of whether the enrolled student has a FAFSA on file or not at the time to ensure if at a later date a FAFSA is completed, eligibility for remaining aid is factoring in such other institutional resources. If a student is not enrolled and the request is not for compensation, a Non Service Pay Authorization Request should be completed.

Select the Type of Authorization You Would Like to Submit

If you have access to the site you may go to the entry screen for the type of authorization you would like to enter by clicking below. 

*We strongly recommend not using Internet Explorer or Safari to access the SARAS site.  Please use Chrome or Firefox instead.*

*Instructions for submitting or editing authorizations can be found in our Partner Library*

 Enter Scholarship or Waiver Authorizations

Access to Submit an Authorization

To obtain access to the secured authorization sites, please submit your request. It is the responsibility of the awarding department to ensure that the person listed on the authorization request has expenditure authority for the budget-project.

Authorization Types

To determine what type of authorization to submit, click on a heading below for the definition of each type of authorization. If payment is being made for a student performing a service, refer to the Student Payment Determination Flow Chart link in the SFS Partner Portal Library to understand how payment should be applied.

Departmental Scholarship Authorizations

Departmental Waiver Authorizations

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