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This section is for authorized on-campus work-study employers who are submitting a Work-Study Authorization Form (WSAF) for work-study eligible students or checking to see if a student is work-study eligible. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate and contact your local WSU work-study team.

Work-Study Team

Entering a Work-Study Authorization Form

Overview of Student and Employer Responsibilities


These are the steps employers will need to complete to appoint a Work-Study student:

Step 1

Future Work-Study Employees: Students will start applying for jobs through Handshake, as soon as they receive the communication from our office. Once you have found a student you would like to offer a Work-Study position, please log in to the Student Financial Services Work-Study Authorization Site

Step 2

Work-Study Authorization Site: Once you have logged into the Work-Study Authorization Site, you will type in the student’s ID. If you are unable to find the student in the Work-Study Authorization Site, then they are not Work-Study eligible. If you want to verify with us, please send us an email at

Step 3

Work-Study Authorization Form (WSAF): Employers need to fill out the WSAF electronically. The WSAF will be updated every May for the new academic year.

Step 4

Awarding: Once we receive the completed WSAF, our office will process this form. This can take up to 3-5 business days to process in non high peak times. During high volumes, this can take up-to 10 full business days. Both the employer and student will receive a communication letting them know the award has been posted. Once you receive this communication you will want to enter the student into the Workday system, create their appointment and assigned work-study. The employer then provides the work-study terms and conditions to the student.


Students will follow the steps below to be eligible for a Work-Study award:

Step 1

Find a Work-Study eligible job: Once the student has received the Work-Study checklist on their student account and an email from our office they will want to start the job search. Since this process is first come, first served, students should begin the job search as soon as possible. All campuses utilize Handshake, WSU’s job search engine for students, the best place for students to find jobs that employers post. The students can also find more information on the Academic Success and Career Center student employment website: .Once the student has found a job the employer will fill out the Work-Study Authorization Form (WSAF).

Step 2

Awarding: Once the WSAF has been processed, both the student and the employer will be notified the award has been posted. It will take our office 3-5 business days to process the Work-Study award. The student appointments dates are below:

  • Summer: May 16th- August 15th
  • Fall: August 16th - December 31st
  • Spring: January 1st - May 15th

Key Processing Reminders about Work-Study

  • Work-Study awards range from $1,000-6,000 for a two-semester academic year. The maximum award will be $3,000/semester.
  • Students must be assign work-study in Workday or else the student won't be paid in work-study funds.
  • If a student(s) receives Work-Study, the student’s financial aid award could change. Work Study is a need-based financial aid award and the employer subsidizes part of the student’s wages. Receiving Work-Study could change a student’s financial aid award if the student(s) is eligible for Work-Study but does not have any need. In this case, a communication would be sent to the student and other aid would need to be reduced to create room for the Work-Study award in the student’s financial aid package, if this is what the student requested. Reducing other aid can create a bill on the student’s account.
  • We don’t recommend students start working until they have received an email confirmation from our office notifying them they have been awarded Work-Study. If a student starts working early, then you as the employer may end up paying 100% of the student’s wages.
  • If you have questions about the process, then please contact your local campus office. We look forward to helping you when needed! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions and/or need guidance.
SFS Partner Portal